Our goal is to build more than a team, it is to build a family of powerhouse agents and empower them to build the life they want, with a purpose and a legacy they’ll be proud of.

Our focus at LRI is to provide our family of extraordinary agents with every tool necessary to become and remain the best in the business. Being an agent at LRI is much more than a job, it is an opportunity to build a brand and career that is highlithed by integrity, empathy, and professional excellence. Our goal is to build more than a team, it is to build a family of powerhouse agents and empower them to build the life they want, with a purpose and a legacy they’ll be proud of.

Unlike most firms in this industry who hire as many agents as possible, hoping to ride a numbers game to success, our philisophy is the opposite. We’re exceptionaly exclusive about which agents we choose to have represent our brand; those who share our dedication to providing impeccable service to our clients, as well as to the local communities in which we live and work. We are the best simply because we choose to work and grow with only the best. 

LRI’s associate culture will always be one of excellence, empathy, support and integrity, and we believe that the best investment for our brand and company is to work with the best people. Contact us today to inquire about becoming part of the LRI family.

What We Offer

We're proud to offer our agents the most advanced set of tools and technologies available anywhere today. We also believe in adapting, and continusouly look for new and improved tools to provide. If we find a vendor offering a better technology product, we will make the switch and ensure a smooth transition.

We're dedicated to providing best-in-class data and analytics to compliment our state-of-the-art technnology tools. We strongly believe that being successful in real estate means marrying art with science and data, and that access to the correct data is integral to being the best agent possible.

Put simply - our compensation packages will not be beat. We provide best-in-industry commission splits, and numerous opportunities for additional bonuses throughout the year.

LRI associates have numerous opportunities to earn additional bonuses throughout the year.


Active agents receive:

  • True Zero Fee Policy. This means no per-transaction fees of any kind, no technology fees, no insurance fees, no legal fees. Nothing.
  • 100% donation match for all contributions to the LRI Fund and its programs.

As well, our highest producing active agents receive:

  • Free Healthcare
  • Free We Work Membership
  • Much, much more

We understand that leads are the lifeblood of the real estate industry, and we're dedicated to doing everything we can to attract quality leads for our agents. 

LRI provides in-house experts to support our agents in a variety of areas, including: legal, marketing, interior design, and transaction management.


We also provide advisory services in the areas of financial management, branding, and operations - helping agents to develop, operate, and grow their businesses.

What We Expect

In an industry that has its fair share of unscrupulous characters, we expect our agents to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Honesty and integrity should be paramount in all conversations and interactions.

We are building a culture of ultra competence and professional excellence, and we expect all agents to strive continuously for the same. 

LRI is dedicated to providing a bespoke, concierge-level of service to our discerning clients. We believe in underpromising and overdelivering, and in going above and beyond to provide value at every step of the client's real estate journey.

Our individual agents are experts in their hyperlocal area of specialization. They're expected to be connected in the community and on the ground, and to have a willingness to stay immersed in local news and events.

Doing good and being good is more than just a lofty ideal for LRI, it is an integral part of our mission. We encourage our associates to support this goal, and we put our money where our mouth is by providing a 100% donation match of all associate contributions to the LRI Charitable Fund, and the programs it supports.

Unlock The Luxury Experience

By providing bespoke real estate services that continue to set luxury industry standards, LRI’s ultimate priority will always be to provide top-level value to our clients. Whether it be via zealous representation, expert negotiation, dynamic marketing, or consulting expertise, LRI’s dedication to excellence remains unmatched. Contact us today to unlock the luxury experience for yourself.